About Us

Kartar Products are an Initiative of Arminia Farmtech Industries Pvt Ltd. was Founded by renowned entrepreneur S Kartar Singh (1919-2014) who was a pioneer in agriculture equipment with 50+ years of magnificent experience. during the early stage of organization, the immense popularity becomes the reason for the expansion of the company.

With the pace of new technology moving so fast, the company holds a policy of continuous development, & performs research activities in the agriculture sector from time to time to become the most recent advancements and market patterns.

Our Company has been known for its Standard Quality Modern Agriculture Machinery & become brand in the State for its Product Performance mainly Harrows, Rotavators, & All Types of Tillers. we are also committed to Supply to the other Indian States.

We have two brands

Kartar & Arminia





Our vision is to serve the farmer with premium quality and making them experience the least expensive on their profession. Furthermore, the organization is stretching to unfold its product at the range of miles.


We’re on a mission to fabricate the most advanced agricultural implements with the assist of our skilled engineers and employees, the usage of our state-of-art infrastructure and excessive-give up machinery.